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'Unbothered' rapper Lil Skies accepted Cosmo's invitation to try our Expensive Taste Test and he ended up learning a few things... Watch more Expensive Taste Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obZld44OS7E&list=PLrx4fxhgMUOaVOO0wpBzPzmcQOimxiBHv 💅 Check out Skies' virtual show happening 4/20 https://www.lilskies.com/shows/ Love Cosmo? Then come join our ~ elite ~ members-only crew. Sign up for Cosmo Unlocked: cosmopolitan.com/joinnow 🔓

Video Transcript

LIL SKIES: What's up, guys. This is Lil Skies and I'm doing the expensive taste test with Cosmo. Let's get it.


LIL SKIES: I have to taste it? What if I could look at it before I taste it and I already know. Like, I already know it for real because I eat real chocolate. When I do eat it, I eat Hershey's and this says Hershey's on it. So this is the real chocolate.

Like, this one, for sure. This is the cheap [BLEEP]. This is the cheap chocolate right here and this is the good. This is the Hershey's. This is the Hershey's. It's a knock-off version. Let me try again.

It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. This is the one. This is it. I'm supposed to find out which one is most expensive, right? This one, Hershey's, for sure. Nuh-uh. Oh yeah because I see what they're doing, they're trying to do the game where they confuse you and shit. I prefer this over this any day.

Think about that. Let me take my shirt off. I don't like that taste, I don't like that chocolate. I really don't.


LIL SKIES: So these are sunflower seeds and I guess I'm supposed to decide which ones is the most-- I think it's going to be this one, I'm thinking. These look like they're, like David sunflower seeds are the ones that I eat. These look like they're, like, got something.

Look how-- I don't know, you see what I'm talking about? They just look like they got something on them. They look different. These are light and these are darker. I don't know. These are long, too. Let me try.

They don't even have no salt on them. That's nasty. They're good, though. I mean, the nut-- the seed tastes good. The seed tastes right. I think it's this one.

I just think it's that one. They did something to that. These are like David sunflower seeds. Yeah, it's this one. Yeah. I see what you're doing. I'm a real sunflower seed person, for sure, so I know David sunflower seeds when I see them.

Oh, shoot. All right, so this is, what, cologne or perfume? One of these little bottles is $350.00? Oh, you put it in here. I was about to say, if it came like this, that's insane. This better be some stuff that sticks on you for, like, a couple days.

I smelled this. This smells good. Damn. That smell is good as-- whoa. I like this one. I want to know what kind it is. I'm going to have to get some of this. This one's good.

Oh, you can still-- that stuff's strong. Y'all smell it? You can smell it. That's some good stuff. This is some good stuff right here. This is some good stuff. Let me smell this one again.

They smell really good. Both of them smell good. I will wear both of these, for real. I think it's this one, though. I'm good with that. Let's go. That smells good as [BLEEP], damn.


LIL SKIES: We got jelly beans. These look like the normal ones that we see around here, I guess, or that you see more often. I haven't eaten a jelly bean in a long time. I don't even remember what they taste like.

I'm not really of a candy person like that. That's a lot of sugar, damn. I don't know if I'm going to get this one right because not, like, a jelly bean head or a candy person.

It's definitely these ones cost more. No, wait a minute. Yeah-- these ones got some stuff in it. Like, what. Look at that. It got like-- they don't look how these ones look. I think it's these.

Damn it. I should have went with my gut and just went with these. See, I wouldn't know because I'm not, like, a super candy person.


LIL SKIES: Snap. So they got the white tee. This is about to get real. Let me see. Do they got the brand on it? Shoot. I don't know.

This one's more expensive one. Wait a minute. Hold up, hold up, hold up. This one's made in Italy. It's this one. Yeah, I know it. I was about to say, I know my white tees. I can't get that one wrong. This feels more like a Hanes right here or something, but it's not a Hanes. This is better than a Hanes. A good white tee, it better last long.


LIL SKIES: This is that [BLEEP] that be on the commercial with the Sasquatch. Give you a smell. You got to smell them, too. I think this one's the most expensive one.

I'm wrong? Nuh-uh. No, I should have tried it first. I should have tried it. This one got that smell to it, though. What's it smell like? I've had this before. I mean, I get it. This one looks more treated and healthier so I can dig it. Yeah, that's cool. I still like that one better, though.


LIL SKIES: Can you hear me? Is the mic on? Turn it up. [VOCALIZING]. That's how you got to know. You got to sing Justin Bieber. Yo. Oh yeah, it's this one. Because this one got the echo.

[VOCALIZING]. It's this one, man. Ay. This is [BLEEP] crazy. Look at this. Bluetooth and everything up on this junk. Little concert.

[SINGING] I got real money, I spend it to waste time. You truly are a dummy to think you could take mine. The opp's getting tired coach, tell him, "take five." I don't care what people saying through the grapevine. Money on my mind and it can't stop, uh. You say you're loyal but you acting like a cop, uh.

Hey, I could put on my own little concert with this. I'm about to keep this. They got their own clapping thing on here. OK, I'm done.


LIL SKIES: Dang, bro. Might need some help with this one. Are they hot? Let me smell them. These smell like real Cheetos. These ones are spicy. I feel like I had these but I'm not sure. Let me see. These are spicy, too? So that's that.

I'm going to say it's these ones. Ay, I did a good job. That's what I'm talking about. It's not like this bag. They got, like, residue of stuff on the inside of the bag so that's-- OK, I like these, though, because they're actually, like, really hot.


LIL SKIES: Oh yeah. But I already know which one it is. This is the knockoff one. Because I know these type of skateboards, they are penny skateboards and this is the brand right here. You're trying to confuse me. It's this one.

- Yes.

LIL SKIES: This one still looks cool, too, though. They still-- they look exactly the same, honestly. Look. How'd I do? What's my score? So I got six out of nine? Not bad.

I could have did better. Dang. I'm passing, right? Is that a A? That's a B. I'm a B? All right, I got a B. That's cool. As and Bs only.

Thank you for watching. Thank you for tapping in and tuning in with me. I love you guys. Peace, love, happiness.