Rapper Does His Daughter’s Hair, and the Internet Is Obsessed

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Some think Dave East deserves a Father of the Year award. (Photo: Getty Images)
Some think Dave East deserves a Father of the Year award. (Photo: Getty Images)

While moms generally earn most of the credit for the adorable hairstyles their little girls wear, there are actually many dedicated fathers out there who also know a thing or two about properly placing ponytails, adding just the right barrettes, and putting a smile of approval on their little princesses’ faces.

David Brewster Jr., better known by his stage name Dave East, is a notable rapper from East Harlem in New York City — as well as a doting dad. On Tuesday, he posted a photo to Instagram of himself doing his daughter’s hair, and now pretty much everyone is obsessing over the heartwarming image.

You Make Life So Dope!!! ????????????????????

A post shared by Dave East (@daveeast) on Feb 28, 2017 at 10:25am PST

“I didn’t think on it much. It was a dope pic, and I was really happy with the day we were having, so I put the picture up,” East tells Yahoo Beauty about the image featuring his daughter, 11-month-old Kairi Chanel Brewster. “I’m really busy so whenever I get a moment, I try to see what I can put together for her.”

The rapper continued, “I’m a new father, but I’m learning. I used to have braids myself, so I just try the best I can.” The 28-year-old emcee also shared a little piece of advice for other dads: Try and take tips from mothers when it comes to working with their daughters’ hair.

Comments of approval regarding East’s efforts flooded in, including: “I wish more Fathers were like you, doing proper formation with their children,” “Real father and daughter moment. True blessing,” and “Applause for daddy duties!”

I Got You Forever… ???? @thedonlikecheadle

A post shared by Dave East (@daveeast) on Jan 18, 2017 at 6:56am PST

To keep Kairi still while styling her hair, East says, “It’s easy — just turn on Doc McStuffins or Dora the Explorer.” From the looks of it, his daughter seems to be thoroughly enjoying all the time she gets with her dad.

While the Internet is currently in love with East and his daughter’s hair moment, other fathers out there have also made our hearts melt with their efforts.

Take a look below at this dad who gets his daughter’s topknot just right, with the aid of a hair donut, for her magazine shoot.

Then there was Phil, a father who teaches workshops and gives live demonstrations for other dads about how to do their daughters’ hair.

Behind the braids with a selfie from Emma <3 #DaddyDaughterHairFactory #DDHF #SoCozyDad #SoCozyHair #RealMenBraid

A post shared by DaddyDaughterHairFactory (@daddydaughterhairfactory) on Jan 11, 2017 at 11:34am PST

This 3-year-old below cheered her dad on as he styled her hair in two ponytails.

This dad made styling as easy as 1-2-3.

And while the dad below may not actually be styling his daughter’s hair, this lovely intertwined-braids moment is absolutely everything.

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