The Ranch to Unveil New Retreat Location in Hudson Valley

The Ranch, known for its mental and physical fitness retreats, is expanding with a new location in Hudson Valley, set to open in summer 2023. Hudson Valley is no stranger to the luxury wellness space, as Auberge Resorts Collection opened its Wildflower Farms property there this month.

The Ranch, founded by husband and wife duo Alex and Sue Glasscock, launched in 2010 with its Malibu, California location with the intention of creating a wellness space where guests could truly immerse themselves. The retreat offerings have expanded to include The Ranch Private, The Ranch 9.0 and The Ranch Italy at Palazzo Fiuggi. This new location in the Hudson Valley, just 45 minutes outside of New York City, is the brand’s first property on the east coast. Cofounder and chief executive officer Alex Glasscock explained this location was in demand as 40 percent of The Ranch’s U.S. guests come from the tri-state area.

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Shot for THE RANCH -
Interior at The Ranch Hudson Valley’s Table Rock Estate.

The Ranch Hudson Valley location has made use of the Table Rock Estate, situated on Sloatsburg and Tuxedo Park, originally built by JP Morgan to celebrate his daughter’s marriage to Alexander Hamilton’s great grandson. Glasscock noted the mansion, which maintains original architecture and interiors, is built atop a sloping “Great Gatsby-esque lawn” overlooking the property’s lake. The 40,000-square-foot estate sits on 200 acres of forest and is bordered by the 4,000-acre Ringwood State Park where guests will hike daily.

With only 25 guest rooms, the mansion will provide a home-like feel for each cohort.

“I think it’s going to feel maybe even more intimate than Malibu, and it’s going to feel like a slumber party without the alcohol and the caffeine and the processed sugar and the diet sweeteners,” Glasscock joked.

The east coast location posits another interesting feature that is rare for the other Ranch properties: changes in weather. Guests will have the chance to visit anytime of year and experience all The Ranch has to offer whether it be sunny or snowy. When it comes to snowier days, Glasscock explained, “We’ll have our warm jacuzzis and places to get toasty, but I believe we’re going to introduce New Yorkers to the outdoors like never before. They’re going to see that the weather outside, 12 months a year, is divine.”

At the new location, consumers will be able to choose from two programs: Ranch 3.0 and Ranch 4.0. The 3.0 option is a gentler three-day program held Monday through Thursday that features four hours of low-impact exercise daily, including a two-hour hike. With The Ranch 3.0, Glasscock wanted to offer a slightly less rigorous option for those looking to begin their wellbeing journey. It’s also an option that will be optimal for corporate retreats. The 4.0 version is a four-day program held Thursday through Monday that features six hours of low-impact exercise daily, including a four hour hike. Both programs include the signature daily features of The Ranch programs such as strength training, nap time, massages and a plant-based diet with locally sourced ingredients. Prices are currently not available for the Hudson Valley location, but The Ranch Italy 4.0 program beginning in December starts at $4,950 for four days and five nights.

The Hudson Valley retreat will offer guests the opportunity to partake in all the wellness resources The Ranch has to offer on a three- and four-day basis starting next summer.

“We want people wherever they are on their journey, whether they don’t exercise at all or they’re ultramarathoners,” Glasscock said. “We’ve found that everybody comes away with new information that helps them feel better and hopefully live longer.”

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