Ragdoll Cat's Precious Demands for Mom Are Simply Irresistible

It’s not every day that a cat gets her own room—but for one spoiled Ragdoll cat named Meredith, that’s the reality. Everything in the room is hers, except for a desk.

So when Meredith’s mom spotted her sitting outside her room in the hallway meowing up a storm, she naturally had to go take a look. As she went through the room, it wasn’t that messy. But when the mom said that she needed to clean the room, Meredith hopped out from a hiding spot and started looking all over the room as if to say, “Yes, mom, my room is filthy!”

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This lucky cat has not only her own room, but her own personal maid as well! Meredith is lucky she’s cute, because with every meow she seems to wrap us further and further around her little paw. She is so precious!

This little cat sure is a talker, too. The entire video, she is meowing away chatting with her mom. It’s clear that they have a special relationship—and they probably do this routine every day.

While Meredith has her own room, it might be that she’s a little lonely in there by herself and wants some company. As she was sitting out in the hallway waiting for her mom, maybe that is the case.

During the video, Meredith does the cutest thing. She stands next to her food and when her mom asks, “Do you want me to watch you?” she jumps up and starts to eat. Maybe that’s what she wanted all along was someone to eat her meal with.

In the comments, someone pointed out that cats like having someone with them when they’re eating because that’s when they would be most vulnerable in the wild. It makes sense—and it’s so sweet that Meredith decided to ask her mom to sit with her. Enjoy your dinner, girl!

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