Rad Dad tests the limits of his e-cargo bike at Costco. Will it work?

Pretty sure this will work, right??<p>Bruno Long</p>
Pretty sure this will work, right??

Bruno Long

We've all seen the trend happening in our towns. Parents have been ditching the minivans and loading up their brand-new e-cargo bikes with the kids, groceries or both, to reduce the amount of daily driving they are doing.

However, there are limits to what these bikes can handle. Their weight capacity usually ranges between 400-450lb, including the rider. And of course, there are recommendations as to how you load them up and what you should attach to them.

Well, no one told this Dad about any sort of limitations. He just decides he is going to treat his bike like he would treat his truck or minivan, by loading it up to max capacity after a visit to Costco.

The video gets right down to business, just like this Dad. He starts by setting a nice solid base for the rest of the gear by attaching an extending ladder. This allows him to load up everything else on top of a flat surface. Smart thinking!

Next, he loads up the heavy stuff right over the top of the rack and rear wheel, which is probably made to handle the most weight. seems like he may have done this before because he has his weight distribution dialed in. He goes for the lighter stuff at the back of the ladder, straps it all down with a few ratchet straps, and then puts the finishing touches on the load with a safety flag stuck into a paper towel roll.

To be honest, I had my doubts about this when I first watched it. But this Rad Dad just goes about his business with determination and decisiveness. After a sketchy start, he seems to get a handle on the pedalling portion and starts to make his way home.

I can't help but imagine how far he had to ride or what happened when he got home. My guess is that he cracked open a cold one for a job well done, then hit up some home improvement projects in the backyard.