Racing Horse's Tender Reaction to Tiny Baby Is Full of Love

Babies and animals have a special bond that we’ll forever be jealous of. We don’t know how, but animals are just so gentle with little ones. Our hearts will continue to flutter no matter how many times we see videos of animals being sweet with tiny humans. It seriously gets us every time and this video from TikTok user @greatbritishracing is no different.

Instead of your typical video that shows a special bond between a dog and a child, this one is between a baby and a horse. You can totally see how much that horse loves the baby. They already have a special connection that is starting so early. Check it out!


New beginnings ❤️ That special human-horse connection starting very early 👶 🎥- (@evie_faraday - IG) #LoveTheRacehorse

♬ original sound - Great British Racing

Aww, stop it! If this doesn’t put you in the baby fever, and horse fever, we don’t know what will! It truly doesn’t get any more adorable than this video.

“This is true humanity,” said @alternativehealthyadvoc. You can say that again! This is exactly how we all should be to everyone and everything, giving the most love we can. “This is beautiful. They will be best buddies!” added @diannab061. They will? Heck, they already are best buds! We can’t wait to see their friendship grow.

Another TikTok user, @matthewmccune88, commented, “This just melts my heart. Made me cry. Love this.” SAME! Cried tears of happiness because this is just as cute as it gets.

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