Rachel Lindsay Won't Be Wearing A Wedding Dress, Ever

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay has no problem telling Bachelor Nation all about her impending wedding. If she has her way, it'll happen within the next year, and after tonight, the entire world will know who slipped that engagement ring onto her finger.

But according to the bride-to-be herself, she won't be wearing a white dress when it all goes down. Instead, she says that she's thinking about bucking tradition entirely and opting for a white tuxedo instead.

USA Today reports that Lindsay opened up about her wedding during the Men Tell All special. And since she'd already spilled about the timeline, the only thing left to inquire about — other than the groom, which she wasn't going to comment on — was the dress. Lindsay explained that the idea of a big, princess-y wedding dress never resonated with her. In fact, she says that a lot of the details that come with weddings in general don't really concern her, except for one thing: the color white. That's one tradition she'll definitely try to keep.

"I've never been the girl to have the dream wedding. I can tell you my dream bachelorette party, but I cannot tell you my dream wedding," Lindsay told USA Today. "I personally wouldn't want to wear a dress. I'd like to wear a white tuxedo."

But fans might not get to see that white tuxedo on television. Lindsay says that she's still mulling over whether or not she wants to showcase her wedding on TV. Guess that also means that fans won't be getting a Lindsay-fronted spin-off show like Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After, either. (That may be a good thing, since Ben and Lauren didn't end up living happily ever after.)

Whatever she chooses, Bachelor Nation die-hards can be sure that Lindsay will do it on her own terms.

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