Rachel Lindsay Called Out Bryan For Touching Her Weave — & Twitter LOVED It

It wouldn't be a season of The Bachelorette without some dude drama. First, there was Nick Viall, perhaps the series' Most Recurring Character Of All Time, who shook up multiple seasons by... simply showing up. Then you've got Chad Johnson, the man who turned into a vein-popping-out Hulk any time someone claimed he wasn't there for the "right reasons." And, of course, last night there was Bryan Abasalo, who — though it was probably well-intentioned — kept brushing his fingers through Rachel Lindsay's hair in between sweet nothings and "I love you's.'" (Reminder that we are only on week five, people.)

On the show, her reaction was true to form: She remained calm and collected, albeit a little uncomfortable. But on Twitter — where Lindsay stands as one of the only stars who could give Chrissy Teigen a run for her money in the clapback category — she said exactly what was on her mind: "Every time Bryan put his hands in my hair my weave screamed!!!"

Of course, Twitter users who've experienced the same invasion of personal space collectively raised their emoji hands in praise of the tweet. And thus, the impending hashtag #RespectTheWeave was born.

While there are deep personal and political implications around touching a Black woman’s hair, Lindsay addressed something else: the fact that it’s just really uncomfortable. “With sew-ins, there are tracks and braids underneath that are not sexy to run your fingers through,” adds Refinery29 entertainment writer Sesali Bowen. “We don't want them to be disturbed because they literally secure our hair."

So far, Lindsay's tweet has amassed over 1,300 retweets and 7,800 likes, proving she clearly hit on a relatable topic. Since the show taped, the star has traded out her weave for long box braids — which we also love. For more behind-the-scenes Bachelorette beauty secrets, click here.

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