Rachel Hollis Remembers Last Conversation With Late Ex Dave Hollis

She spoke with the former Disney executive the day before he died.

Rachel Hollis is revealing how the last conversation she had with her ex-husband, Dave Hollis, prior to his untimely death last month went.

The self-help author posted a brief episode of The Rachel Hollis Podcast titled "Where We Go From Here" late last month, where she mused, for what she says is the last time, on the "traumatic," "awful," and "devastating" death of the former Disney exec.

Dave's cause of death has not been determined, but he had been recently hospitalized for cardiac problems prior to his passing at his Texas residence.

"We still honestly don't know what happened," Rachel said during the podcast. "I found out after the fact that he had gone to the hospital a couple of times because he was having heart problems. So, I think it's really highly possible he had a heart attack, but I don't know and whatever he died from…we're still in the same space, which is just deep grief."

Now, Rachel and the former couple's four children—Jackson, Sawyer, Ford, and Noah—are still just trying to cope as they continue to navigate their varying waves of grief, especially as she handles his estate.

Rachel went on to talk about the impact of the shock, given that she had just spoken to him the day before his death when the pair attended their son's baseball game.

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"Talked to him normal," she shared. "Didn't think anything weird." But then, a few days later, as she dealt with the lawyers, she had a panic attack. "It's so overwhelming," she added.

But Rachel says she's "experienced a lot of grief throughout [her] life," so she's as prepared as she can be to help their children work through their feelings.

"My way of helping them through this is, whatever you are feeling is fair and allowed and real to you, and you are allowed to feel those feelings," she said. "And we're not going to tell anyone else in the family how to feel what they feel."

She emphasized to them how everyone experiences grief differently, and there's no right or wrong way to process it.

She added later, "We're sad, we're angry, we're confused and we're all the feelings, but we are very strong. We're very close. We're a very tight group."

She knows it'll take some time, but that they'll be okay. Where do they go from here? "Forward is the only answer."

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