Rachel Glass is redefining the nail salon experience with her company, Glosslab

A little nail polish goes a long way. Not only can it brighten up your hands and feet, but it can entirely alter your state of mind. “I think of a manicure as empowering, so when I have a manicure, I feel good,” explains Glosslab (@glosslab) founder, Rachel Glass. “I can take on my day. It’s not just about the manicure, it’s really about that feeling. It really makes me feel complete.”

Glosslab is the manicure, modernized. The membership-based nail salon redefines the beauty treatment with a focus on hygiene and efficiency, as well as completely waterless services.

Glass first got the idea for Glosslab when she was working in finance—a field she was in for nearly 10 years. “I would sit in offices where the shoeshine person would come around in the morning and I would think, ‘This would be so great if this was a manicure,’” she tells In The Know.

Beyond reimagining the nail salon experience with Glosslab, Glass wants to update the at-home manicure and improve how those two experiences work together.

One way that Glosslab bridges these experiences is with their own line of nail polishes that they offer in-store, in addition to selling online. Glass presents the brand’s collection of basic polishes, which includes “OG Everyday,” a semi-sheer, not-too-white and not-too-pink polish that’s designed to be worn every day. Glosslab’s collection also offers two shades of red, shades of gray, and a charcoal option as well.

All the polishes dry in 5 minutes, and last for almost 10 days. Plus, Glass notes that they’re infused with nail-growth vitamins like biotin and vitamin E, making them a healthy and long-lasting option.

But a manicure and pedicure is more than just nail polish. Glosslab also has their own hand and foot creams that are designed to be on-the-go hydration options for customers to use in between manicure and pedicure services. They also have a travel-friendly manicure and pedicure kit that’s meant for touch-ups.

But Glass’s favorite Glosslab product is “Our Superboost,” a powerful nail treatment. “This is everything you need for nail strength in one little bottle,” says Glass. “I’m wearing it right now. It goes on a really sheer pink color, so even by itself it looks like a manicure. It’s amazing.”

Glass has really thought of everything when it comes to the manicure and pedicure experience. One could even say she’s nailed it.

“When people come to Glosslab, we want this feeling of empowerment, of a great experience, and they know what they’re getting,” shares the founder. “The polishes have been vetted, the tools are clean, the technicians have been trained. It’s really this seamless experience from booking online or on our app, to cashless checkout. Every pain point that could exist, we’ve taken away.”

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