Rachel Brosnahan's Legs Are 💯 In A Leather Mini Dress At The CFDA Awards

Rachel Brosnahan's Legs Are 💯 In A Leather Mini Dress At The CFDA Awards
  • Rachel Brosnahan showed off her seriously toned legs at the 2022 CFDA Awards in New York City this week.

  • The actress, 32, wore a black leather mini dress paired with tights and red heels that highlighted how strong all-over she is.

  • Rachel does Pilates to strengthen her core. She also fuels up on vegetables and lean meats.

There were some incredible looks at Monday's CFDA Awards, and Rachel Brosnahan's was definitely a standout. The actress, 32, arrived wearing a fitted black leather Sergio Hudson dress paired with tights and copper-toned heels.

And according to Rachel, her daring look held more meaning for her than what may meet the eye. “It’s a little bit of an edgier look and a bit more youthful, and definitely a lot of fun,” Rachel told The Hollywood Reporter.

With The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel approaching its final season, Rachel is using fashion to embrace what comes next. "Right now fashion feels like an opportunity to express different sides of myself. Tonight’s look is a lot more modern than things I’ve been wearing because this is a new chapter for me," she added.

Here's a look at the outfit:

celebrity sightings in new york city november 07, 2022
Rachel Brosnahan hits the CFDA Awards in NYC.Gilbert Carrasquillo - Getty Images

While this look is stunning, I can't get over how toned her legs are. And if you're wondering what her workout regimen looks like these days, you're in luck. Rachel has been open about how she manages to stay fit while being so busy.

For starters, she doesn't follow a set routine. In a 2021 interview, she revealed that once she accepted that she wouldn't be able to stick to a gym schedule, things got easier. "I use an app that lets you drop in on various classes wherever you are," she told Health. "I was recently [filming] in New Mexico and started taking Pilates, which I love. I've noticed a big difference in my posture and core strength."

ICYMI, fitness has always been a huge part of Rachel's life. In high school, she even did some wrestling, which is also why she's game to take on any acting roles that require heavy training. "I haven't yet done a project that requires me to whip myself into shape, whether that's an action movie or playing a superhero," she told Vanity Fair. "I'd love an excuse to whip my ass into shape. That would be a real luxury."

As for her diet, Rachel swears by green smoothies. And for her meals, she fuels up on lean meats and veggies. "For lunch, I have a salad or a sandwich with some kind of protein-like salmon, chicken, or quinoa-and lots of vegetables, and I really like roasted root vegetables with fish for dinner," she told Shape.

BRB, off to make a smoothie!

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