Quordle #616: Today's Hints and Answers for Monday, October 2

Spoilers ahead! If you're having trouble solving Quordle #616 on Monday, October 2, no worries—we're here to help.

Quordle is a word game similar to the ever-so-popular Wordle, but instead of just making guesses to solve one puzzle, your nine guesses are sent to four puzzles at once, with all different words to solve for in each. Sometimes you may need a few hints to help you solve it. If these five hints aren't enough to help you discover the answer on your own, we've also included today's Quordle answer at the bottom.

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First Hint: How many different vowels are in today's Quordle?

All five vowels show up within today's Quordle.

Second Hint: What is the total number of vowels in Quordle today?

Between the four words, there are ten vowels today.

Third Hint: Do any of the Quordle answers have repeated letters?

Yes, there are repeated letters in multiple answers.

Fourth Hint: Do any of the answers in today's Quordle start with the same letter?

No, all the words begin with different letters.

Fifth Hint: What letters do today's Quordle words start with?

  • G

  • L

  • F

  • O

Okay, scroll no further unless you want to learn the answers!

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The answers to today's Quordle are...





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