Queen Elizabeth Responds to 7-Year-Old Boy Who Made "Happiness Crossword"

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Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images
Photo credit: WPA Pool - Getty Images

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  • Queen Elizabeth II sent an adorable letter to a 7-year-old boy who created a "happiness crossword" for Her Majesty.

  • Speaking about the letter he received from the queen, Timothy Madders said, "It was very good and it was very important and made me happy that she liked it."

While much of the world remains in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, everyone's trying to find hobbies and activities to keep them busy in lieu of their usual routines.

Thinking outside the box, 7-year-old Timothy Madders from Billericay in Essex decided to make a happiness-themed crossword, and tasked his mother with sending it to an extra special recipient—the queen of England.

Speaking to the BBC, Madders revealed that he was very excited to receive a response from the queen after sending his gift and said, "It was very good [the letter] and it was very important and made me happy that she liked it... She's probably wanting to keep herself busy."

Timothy's mom, Jo Madders, told the site, "He wanted to do something to cheer her up and he did it in his neatest handwriting." Timothy was also very particular about getting the happiness crossword to Her Majesty. His mom told the BBC, "He sent it with a letter saying how she might be feeling sad or lonely because of lockdown... he picked happiness as a theme because he wanted words that would make people think of happy things as they did it."

His mom continued, "He kept saying to me not to send the original to anyone else because that was for the queen... He's always thinking about other people."

The response from Windsor Castle, which can be read in full on the BBC's website, said, "Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated, and The Queen hopes that you too are keeping safe and well in the current situation."

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