"Queen Charlotte" Just Hit Netflix And People Are Already Saying It's Better Than "Bridgerton" — Well, I Know What I'll Be Watching This Weekend

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story recently hit Netflix and the highly anticipated prequel spinoff is already creating a lot of buzz online.

India Amarteifio as a young Queen Charlotte standing in the foyer of a palace
Liam Daniel / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Bridgerton's latest installment focuses on young Queen Charlotte's rise to power and is told through dual timelines. The first one is set in 1817 — following the death of Princess Charlotte, the queen feels pressured to get her children to produce another royal heir.

Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte in her later years sitting on an elegant couch while holding a small dog. Her footman Brimsley stands behind her
Liam Daniel / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

And the second perspective is based in 1761 — young Charlotte meets and marries King George, and their marriage, as well as his mental health, are explored.

Corey Mylchreest as a young King George stands next to Queen Charlotte. Brimsley stands at attention in the background
Nick Wall / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

The series stars India Ria Amarteifio as young Queen Charlotte, while Golda Rosheuvel reprises her Bridgerton role of adult Queen Charlotte.

India Amarteifio and Golda Rosheuval have their arms around each other as they pose for photographers
Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images for Netflix

Corey Mylchreest stars alongside India as King George.

Corey Mylchreest stands with his arm around a smiling India
Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for IMDb

But these weren't the only new faces and storylines fans were loving. From Arsema Thomas playing a young Lady Agatha Danbury...

closeup of Arsema
Dominik Bindl / Getty Images

...to the swoon-worthy dialogue, it seems like Queen Charlotte is a hit! Some are even saying it's better than the original.

closeup of young queen charlotte
Liam Daniel / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Here's what people on Twitter are saying:

Just wrapped up Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story and I am UNWELL. 🫠🤕 Their banter, their CHEMISTRY😮‍💨, just everything and more! Charlotte and Georges love story was beautiful. Like I don’t know how I’m about to move on. #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/ujKzyo2BYc

— naya ❀ (@laylasblossom) May 5, 2023

i quiet literally had to fight back tears while watching this. This might be bridgerton’s best love confession thus far. #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/UTaYjIzuqu

— QC ♤ LOCKDOWN (@ravnboy) May 4, 2023

Him taking care of her during labor was everything to me. What a couple, i’m in love with them #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/Lwdm5aYg2u

— Le B🔮🍯 (@Inverniando) May 4, 2023

the transition of young!brimsley dancing with reynolds to old!brimsley dancing alone and charlotte and george under the bed while they also saw their younger selves was absolutely SICK i hope shonda pays for my therapy #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/1vJ9LF4Fz6

— noms (@gavinlbcarter) May 4, 2023

Lady Agatha Danbury, That's it That's the Tweet. She's a Queen, she's an icon and she's the moment 👌❤️🔥#QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/QXE9B39o4a

— Karen (@BlackWidow_221B) May 4, 2023

i thought queen charlotte was a character for comedic relief. i didn’t sign up for this whole pain #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/Ji9BF5NUA0

— noms (@gavinlbcarter) May 4, 2023

"From the moment I saw you trying to go over the wall...I have loved you desperately...""You did not go over the wall.""No, George. I did not go over the wall."When I say I couldn't see through the tears #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/7Jq7fZDlKu

— gitme 🤟🏻🌸🎈🍎🐝 (@Coolcatdizi) May 4, 2023

the writers in the writing room for queen charlotte: a bridgerton story pic.twitter.com/3OHgsZcKbW

— l'océan (@woIIongong) May 4, 2023

Charlotte throughout the first three episodes thinking George doesn’t like her meanwhile this man is painfully pining after her the whole time 😭😭 THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE ROMANCE #queencharlotte pic.twitter.com/IrKV7vglBI

— mani (@jasimidaisies) May 4, 2023

im a simple girl who will lose her mind every-time a ship does the “it’s beautiful” and the guy says “it is” while looking with so much love and admiration at the girl #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/ELGLYJNGd0

— 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐧 (@shanxeditss) May 4, 2023

Some wives are literally the backbones and strategists of their husbands. They do a lot of background unglamorous jobs via their shrewdness and negotiating skills which bring glamour to their men.Lady Agatha Danbury in #QueenCharlotte embodied this.

— Chimezie Anajama (@MsChimezie) May 4, 2023

Watching Queen Charlotte knowing very well how their love story is gonna end😭😭heartbreaking really💔 #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/uWVYheUMLm

— Kemunto💕 (@emunto_k) May 4, 2023

the dresses in queen charlotte ate like so much better then bridgerton. every dress queen charlotte and lady danbury wore ate omg #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/LyOvOqdfpI

— cee (@brookerubys) May 5, 2023

Lmao the Queen's kids are like the evil Bridgertons #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/vfyzgo2jCg

— Khadidja (21) (@KhadidjaGanz) May 4, 2023

if i could kiss them all for incredible acting- i would. #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/nkYhKEuXep

— hamna🐚 | sobbing over charlottegeorge (@loveadamcarlsen) May 4, 2023

One thing about Shonda Rhimes, is she’s gonna pick a good looking white man. Every time. #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/mZTnDAHZsL

— Vimbai🧚🏽‍♂️ (@Niiiccoollleee) May 4, 2023

shonda got me with this interracial couple shit again like i’m gagged idk #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/6iOdeAzUp4

— cierra (@kanthonyanti) May 4, 2023

No, because you don't understand. No one was supposed to top Anthony and Kate's chemistry in my head. "Just" George and "I'm gonna climb this wall" Charlotte are working overtime and I'm MELTING!!! It's literally episode 1. Let me BREATHE! #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/OMHXW7Td4n

— a scribe of morpheus (@MimiSometimes) May 4, 2023

Me after episode 6 when Netflix didn’t show me the pop up that episode 7 will start in 15 seconds 😣#QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/clVOksrFDb

— Deus Ex Machina 🇯🇲 (@DuesExMachina_) May 4, 2023

lady agatha danbury has always been a bad bitch #QueenCharlotte pic.twitter.com/fmgUa2Quf3

— morgan (@geminigl0w) May 4, 2023

ep 6 ending of #QueenCharlotte got me like pic.twitter.com/cUZPAeQ6ZL

— ari⁷ (@gcfshoya) May 4, 2023

I made it through four episodes of #QueenCharlotte last night (after vowing to only watch one), and I am in my FEELS! ❤️🥰 I'm looking forward to the last two episodes! #Bridgerton @bridgerton

— FangirlingWhileBlack (@BlackFangirling) May 5, 2023

I want Netflix to give Shonda an unlimited budget where it concerns Bridgerton. Let her work her magic for this series because the way she BODIED Queen Charlotte is wild. Six episodes full of greatness with each passing minute. Give her the room please!

— SJ🦋 (@cocolishilover) May 5, 2023

Have you watched Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story yet? If so, tell us your initial thoughts in the comments below!

I know what I'll be doing this weekend! Queen Charlotte is currently streaming on Netflix.