Queen Camilla's Hairdresser Gets Weirdly Personally About Kate Middleton & Prince William's Style Choices

King Charles III’s coronation will not only be about his official crowning, many people will be tuned in to catch the fashions, jewelry, and fascinators that might be on display on Saturday. Now, one person associated with Queen Camilla is chiming in with her opinions about Kate Middleton and Prince William’s hairstyles — and it’s not exactly kind.

Jo Hansford, Camilla’s colorist, has worked on the royal’s tresses for over three decades and she dished some serious tea to The Telegraph. While Kate nor William are her clients, she happily shared her thoughts on what the two of them should do differently with their hairstyles — all while gushing about Camilla at the same time. She believes the Princess of Wales needs a makeover even though she has “lovely hair,” Hansford thinks it’s “too long” right now. “She’s so slim, and with hair you have to look at the whole image, the proportions, so I would take it up six inches,” she added.

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She wouldn’t go as far as to give her one of those “mum cuts, but she offhandedly made quite the ageist remark. “As you get older you need a bit of shaping, because your face muscles start to drop, so bringing it all up to, say, shoulder length, can give you a lift. That said, everyone ages differently,” Hansford continued. Ouch! It doesn’t get much better with William because she talks about the mistakes he made with his hair loss.

Hansford understands that a hairpiece might have been too dramatic of a change since he’s “in the public eye so much,” but she thinks he got some bad hair advice along the way. “I really feel sorry for William because he had such a lovely head of hair and he should have done his ages ago,” she said. “If he were a client of ours, we would have advised him to do that as soon as he started to lose it, but of course he can’t do anything now because it’s gone so far.” Hair is such a personal thing and Hansford’s words feel cutting on a week that is supposed to be a celebration King Charles and Queen Camilla, not a takedown of Kate and William. It makes you think twice about Camilla’s relationship with the press and how Prince Harry warned everyone that she uses it to her advantage.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton
Prince William, Kate Middleton

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