Quebec Dad Rescues Carp Struggling in Low Water

A fishing expedition quickly turned into a rescue mission for one Canadian father on August 16, as he transferred two carp struggling with the low water levels in a swamp to a deeper creek nearby.

David Freiheit and his family arrived at the swamp in Venise-en-Quebec after hearing that large carp were there. But upon surveying the location, he discovered that a number of carp had already died while others were struggling for oxygen.

Leaving down his fishing rod, he began concocting a plan to save the fish.

Speaking to Storyful, he said, “The fish had entered the swamp from the lake after a rainfall, but couldn’t get past a dam the beavers built this year. Then the water drained, and the fish could not get back to the lake through the drain which had been blocked with debris.”

He added, “So I tried to rescue as many as I could manually but taking them over the road and putting this in the creek past the drain blockage. It was a mild success.” Credit: David Freiheit via Storyful