Quarantine Cooking: Chilled Cucumber Soup with Crispy Quinoa Garnish

Warm weather doesn’t mean you have to ditch soup. Cool down with this light, healthy recipe.

Video Transcript


RONI PROTER: Known for their cooling properties, cucumbers are refreshing and crisp and soothing on warm weather days. You're probably wondering where grapes fit into this. Just a hint of sweetness is the perfect balance to this soup. This is sort of like a chilled gazpacho. Hm, this blender's getting full.

A little bit of sherry vinegar. This is my favorite ingredient in gazpacho. And mint and basil are the perfect herbs to bring out every single flavor that's already in the soup. It just needs to chill in the fridge.

Now, we're going to make some quinoa croutons. And get it nice and caramely. I know it sounds crazy, but a little bit of sugar just to caramelize this quinoa and make it crisp up. This is going to be unusual and delicious.

It looks like we added cream to it and there's none. That cold cucumber with the hot quinoa flakes-- delicious.