Puppy Abandoned Tied to Pole in Parking Lot in Pennsylvania

Sad puppy abandoned tied with a chain.
(Photo Credit: Westend61 | Getty Images)

On May 14, an individual abandoned a puppy tied to a light pole in the York County SPCA’s parking lot while the Pennsylvania shelter was still open. Staff members tried to stop them before they left but were unable to. The animal shelter’s Ring camera also captured the heartbreaking incident.

Puppy abandoned tied to light pole in York County shelter’s parking lot

On Tuesday, a puppy was abandoned in the York County SPCA parking lot with the canine tied to a pole. The animal shelter is trying its best to find the person responsible for this act, per Fox43. After numerous attempts to stop the owner from deserting their dog and leaving, the individual still managed to leave.

The act was caught on the Pennsylvania shelter’s camera. The person first exited their car. They then directed the canine to a light pole and tied the leash to it. What’s worse, the abandoned puppy can be seen tugging at the leash, trying to follow the owner. The canine desperately tried to get back in the car, only for it to drive away without them.

It is important to note that animal abandonment is illegal in Pennsylvania. A person charged with the same may receive a fine of up to $750 or 90 days in jail. York County SPCA communications director Kristen Dempwolf noted that more awareness needs to be raised, as abandoning an animal can cause them harm.

The number of animal abandonment cases has increased, leading to overcapacity shelters. Thus, it is highly encouraged to foster animals when one can. Fortunately, the abandoned puppy was taken in by the York County SPCA. The canine has been named Swiss Roll because they are so incredibly sweet.

Dempwolf stated that more and more people are surrendering their dogs. According to Fox43, she said, “In our owner surrender applications, most individuals are (citing) breed restrictions, housing, and economic challenges.”

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