Pup’s Loving Response to Dad Getting in His Dog Bed Is Pure Sweetness

A dog's bed is a sacred and safe place to them, and it's where they keep their most prized possessions. LADbible Australia shared a clip a man named Jonathan Lee Scholes posted to his Instagram account, and it's making us all say, we really don't deserve dogs.

The video was shared on Facebook on Tuesday, March 26th. Jonathan wanted to lay down in his dog Izzy's bed to see how she'd react. Izzy is lying on the living room carpet enjoying a chew toy when she notices that her dad took over her bed. Watch what she decides to do next.

How sweet is this?! She was totally willing to let her dad share her bed! I don't know what her dad was expecting, but watching the two of them cuddle up together melted my heart! LADbible Australia commenters were left swooning, too. @Terrika Jordan Ray said it best, "They truly are the closest things to heaven!" I couldn't help but laugh when @Hravn Odinsson pointed out, "Try that with a cat and you end up on a hit list LOL!" But Mykie Sirius Grayson won the comment game when she shared, "I lay in my dog's bed every night. TBF, it used to be my bed until she came along and claimed it."

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Do You Share a Bed With Your Pup?

Most dog owners are pretty black or white on the topic of sharing your bed with your pup. Out of all of the dogs we've ever owned, I've never allowed our dogs into our bed. The dogs have always slept in their dog beds, and our current puppy is being crate trained. But many people couldn't sleep without their fur babies snuggled up next to them.

A different Pet Helpful article shared, "About 62 percent of American dog and cat owners keep their animals in the house at night. Of those, about half the cats and one-third of the dogs spend the night in the bed, according to a survey from the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association." That's a lot of pets sleeping with their humans!

While I won't let our puppy hop into my bed, my daughter is allowed to have the pup sleep with her on the weekends when she doesn't have to get up for school the next morning.

The biggest reason I don't think it's a healthy habit to start is because dogs are dirty. Even though our puppy is clean, I know she's still dirty. Sure we wipe her down with doggy wipes before she hops in, but that's not enough to ensure that she doesn't get dirt (or worse) in bed.

There are pros and cons that go with allowing your dog to sleep in your bed. It's really a personal choice and up to each and every one of us to decide what works best for our families.

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