Pup Costumes at Halloween Dog Parade in NYC Are Totally Award-Worthy

The Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in NYC was nearly cancelled this year due to budgeting issues. Thanks to the office of Mayor Eric Adams, which coordinated with multiple agencies to secure the proper permits and bring down costs, and a dog food company out of Connecticut called Get Joy the show went on with over 15,000 people and 600 dogs attending.

Just check out the adorable winners of the costume contest.

It's impossible to pick a favorite but the little pup dressed us as the "This is fine" meme has my vote! The winner was Pookah, a little Pomeranian dressed as Winnie The Pooh. The tiny dog wore a red sweatshirt and sat in a fake pot of honey.

The New York Times reports, "Coming back from the brink of cancellation, the parade almost doubled its numbers from the previous year. The event’s organizers estimated about 15,000 people were in attendance on Saturday, including dog owners and spectators, compared with 8,000 last year."

It's always so heartwarming seeing the videos and photos from this event, and here's a video posted from TikTok that shows more owners and costumed dogs!

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The video was shared by the TikTok account for https://www.tiktok.com/@sweetsliceolife shows so many Barbie costumes but my heart goes out to the Kitchen Aid mixer dog!

If you're still looking for Halloween costume ideas for your own pup, there are so many great and creative ideas there! That Paris bed bug is just too clever and funny!

Who knows? Maybe you'll even decide to attend next years costume contest with your own pup in NYC!

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