Pug's Lack of Interest in Expensive New Dog Bed Says It All

At least he looks comfortable!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Meaning the time when every parent of child spends a ton of money picking out the perfect holiday presents for their child, only to have their kid play with the cardboard box the gift came in instead. Dog owners are no different! 

Ask any dog owner who has purchased their precious fur baby a new toy or a bed only to have their dog sleep on the sofa or try to chew up the cardboard the bed came in. Just like hilarious little @Puglulu in this video that all dog owners can relate to! 

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These beds are all so cute but little LouLou is just not interested. She'd rather crash out on the sofa cushion, thank you! @Jodyabrams echoes our sentiment above, typing, "Similar to toys and kids- they often entertain themselves with the boxes!" @Abi&Friends/Family says, "Aww, that’s her spot now." @Aileenjudith thinks LouLou can sleep anywhere she wants, commenting "LouLou you sweet, cute little muffin you!" 

Too freaking cute. You may want to keep this in mind the next time you're wandering the aisles of your local pet store and contemplating buying your dog a new bed. Chances are, your dog has already claimed its cozy spot in your house, probably on a place close to where you sit or sleep! 

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