PSA: “Olay Days” is the New Prime Day. Here’s Everything You Can Snag at a Discount (PureWow)

At this point, we’re all pros at online shopping—which means we know a damn good deal when we see one. So heads up for the first ever “Olay Days,” the summer beauty sale of the season. Beginning today and lasting through July 17, your favorite beauty brand is serving exclusive bundles and discounts on Think: gift sets for over 65 percent off, serum sticks for 50 percent off, last chance items at seriously low prices and free mystery gifts on purchases of $35 and up with code “JUICY.”

We’re all kind of ready for a refresh, right? Consider this your chance to score tons of new skincare without breaking the bank and get that uplifting feeling of an updated routine. Or, think of it as the perfect opportunity to stock up on favorites for way less than MSRP. Either way, we’re all in on the sale, and if you’re curious what we’re buying, well, you know where to find out (below!).

1. Make Them Talk Mask Pack

Our guess? Your mask supply is running low right about now. Replenish it with this well-rounded mask pack that targets skin concerns from hydration all the way to pore size, all for 62 percent off the actual value. No, that’s not a typo. Did we mention it comes with a free gift?

BUY IT ($111; $42)

2. Olay Overnight Gel Masks

Overnight Gel Masks are an extra 50 percent off with code “MASKON” at checkout. Try the Firming formula—it’s made with a Vitamin A and Witch Hazel and helps plump your skin with moisture, leaving it youthful and firm.

BUY IT ($20; $10)

3. All the Drama Pamper Pack

This bundle comes with two masks, two serums, a cleanser and a free gift for a grand total of $35. Enough said, right?

BUY IT ($104; $35)

4. Olay Serum Sticks

Serums are the best, but Olay has made them even better by creating them in a mess-free stick form. Snag one (or a few) for just $10 with code “GLISTENUP.” We recommend the brightening stick if you’re looking to get your glow on.

BUY IT ($20; $10)

5. ProX Deep Wrinkle Treatment

Olay partnered with ProX Global Derm Alliance, a group of world-renowned dermatologists, to create this anti-aging line. But here’s the thing: They’re not making any more. So stock up this limited edition line and get every product at an additional 50 percent off right now. Start with the deep wrinkle treatment. You’re gonna love it.

BUY IT ($41; $21)

6. Olay ProX Facial Brush

A deep clean and good exfoliation is they key to radiant skin. Meaning, we’re all over this wildly good deal. The ProX brush system is water-resistant and comes with two types of heads: the Microdermabrasion Foam Head and the self-warming Thermal Crystal Polisher. You’ll see visibly bright skin in just two uses.

BUY IT ($60; $22)

7. Luminous Miracle Boost

Guys, it’s your last chance to shop this serum-like concentrate to enhance your skin’s absorbency so your moisturizer can do it’s job even better. Think of it as a hydration booster and a budget booster, because it’s officially 50 percent off.

BUY IT ($34; $13)

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