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This PlayStation-compatible expansion drive can triple your storage — and it's almost 60% off

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: You get your PlayStation 5 set up, start to download a few games, but it isn't long before you are struggling to find something to delete because you're out of storage. Ring a bell? That's a situation that a lot of PlayStation 5 players have run into, if only because the included SSD (that's "solid state drive," for you Luddites) isn't the biggest. The good news? You can buy an expansion drive that'll easily increase your console's storage. The bad news? Compatible units are pricey — except right now, when you can snag one for almost 60% off.

This PS5-compatible SSD gives you an extra terabyte of storage space for all of your favorite games, or just a couple extra downloads of 'Call of Duty.'
$80 at Amazon

It's just a fact that most modern games aren't particularly optimized. They take up a lot of space on a drive, especially things like Call of Duty: Warzone which clocks in somewhere around 200GB. That's one-fifth of the PlayStation 5's memory! This drive from Western Digital includes a built-in heatsink that keeps performance steady no matter how hard you play, and the drive can be purchased in sizes up to 4TB (although only the 1TB and 2TB models are on sale).

Given that it features data-transfer rates up to 7,300 MB/s, you don't have to worry about this Western Digital drives bogging down, even with next-gen titles. The best part? Installation is simple, even for non-tech-savvy types. There are numerous YouTube videos that show you how to install it, and the entire process can be completed in under five minutes.

Even if you aren't looking for a drive for the PlayStation 5, this makes a fantastic internal SSD for a gaming rig. It's fast, widely compatible, and performs well under load.

This PlayStation 5-compatible SSD will keep you gaming long into the night. (Photo: Amazon)
Tired of fighting your own personal 'storage war?' Keep you beloved game library intact with one of these. (Photo: Amazon)

"Insane performance," one player said. "And I thought going from HDD to SSD was insane, but moving from my 'budget' SSD to a high-quality NVMe made such significant differences that it quickly became the best recent purchase I made for my PC. My OS boots lightning fast, my games launch fast and load quick, and it's left me with more than enough storage that I won't ever get passed 70% capacity used."

"Must have for PS5 and PS Plus," another verified reviewer added. "This memory card is as critical as the PS5 if you have more than 10 games in your library. I was constantly deleting games to make room for more after I got the PS5 Plus subscription. Now, I have 20-plus games in memory and still have over 1 terabyte left. I used the SN850X NVMe as my primary memory device, and it feels faster than the PS5 built-in SSD."

Keep 'Resident Evil' in residence, 'Mario Kart' at full throttle and 'The Last of Us' the last thing you'd want to delete from your PS5's drive.
$80 at Amazon

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