PS5 gets free upgrade with new audio features and more

 Sony PlayStation 5 close-up of console and DualSense controller.
Sony PlayStation 5 close-up of console and DualSense controller.

New system software is available for the PlayStation 5 that adds a few features, while also ensuring your console runs smoothly.

PS5 system software Version 24.01-08.60.00 mainly has additional tools for owners of the Sony Pulse Explore earbuds that were released in December. There are also new Parties features and performance tweaks (via VGC).

For those who use Parties on the console, there is now the ability to see the list of Parties you've joined in the past. And you can then restart one of them by simply just selecting it from Recent.

Players with Pulse Explore earbuds can now use the sound equalizer feature to tweak the audio signature. The sidetone feature has also been unlocked for the buds, so you can hear your own voice more clearly during chats.

Finally, now when you move your Pulse Explore buds nearer to the PS5, a notification will appear on screen to enable you to connect them more simply and quickly. This helps especially if you've been using the earphones on a different device, such as a PC.

The new system software introduces "improved system software performance and stability". And, messages and usability have been improved on "some screens".

Is the new PS5 system software available?

The new PS5 system software is available to download now – your console might even have already downloaded and installed it. If not, just go to the downloads icon on the homepage to check if it needs to be actioned.

The software should be installed on all models of PS5, including the originals and slimmer new releases – standard and disc-less.

It's always advised you keep your PS5 up to date before starting new games. And be aware that your console will need to restart during the installation process.

At the very least, a fit, healthy and updated machine will be ready to play all of the best new PS5 games coming out in 2024. There are certainly a fair few of them.