Protesters call for essential worker hazard pay

Protesters rallied in support of essential workers Monday, chanting and carrying signs outside the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan. The group is calling on Congress to pass the HEROES Act. (July 20)

Video Transcript

KYLE BRAGG: Black lives matter!

- Black lives matter!


- --BJ.


- --BJ.

KYLE BRAGG: Today, we're here to demand from those in power, including the man whose name is adorned on the building behind us--


--that they ensure the health, safety, and economic well-being of every worker, and that they want to dismantle white supremacy and the end of police brutality.

ERIC ADAMS: Doormen, cleaners, all those who I remembered seeing every day as we moved throughout this city-- when other people were locked down, you were locked [? out, ?] and we're saying we'll remain. So keep [? fighting-- ?]

EVA CONYERS: We live paycheck to paycheck. That has to change. And in my case, I didn't just work at a homeless shelter but, until recently, I lived at a homeless shelter.

CHUCK SCHUMER: We put workers first by providing billions of dollars for the MTA and mass transit, and we put workers first by putting $200 billion in for essential workers. Every one of them gets $10 more an hour for risking their lives for us. It's the least a grateful nation can do to honor the sacrifice made by our essential workers.