Mockingbird’s all-new high chair is one you’ll love for *years*

When it comes to the world of parenting, millennial moms have a knack for seeking out the perfect blend of style, functionality and versatility in baby gear. And Mockingbird is a brand that speaks our language. We’re already huge fans of their stroller, so when a little birdie told us that they just unveiled a new high chair, we were eager to check it out. This high chair is all about making our lives easier—and more stylish—while ensuring our little ones have the best seat at the table. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Here’s a deep dive into why the Mockingbird High Chair is everything you ever wanted in a high chair and more, with features you didn’t even know you needed.

Mockingbird High Chair review: Is it really as good as they say?

Sleek and stylish with a seamless setup

Mockingbird had modern mamas in mind when they designed their high chair. When it comes to aesthetics, this chair is chic, making it a beautiful addition to your kitchen, and its space-saving footprint ensures that you won’t be tripping over or stubbing your toe on splayed legs.

The Mockingbird High Chair is also seamless to set up and easy to use. With seat strap hooks and a quick-release buckle, getting your little one in and out is a snap. Oh, and when you’re ready to convert from the high chair to the child chair, you won’t need to dig for anything in the toolbox. This genius chair has a quick, tool-free conversion feature, so adjusting it as your child grows doesn’t have to be a big ordeal.

Mockingbird high chair review - mom setting up high chair in kitchen
Mockingbird high chair review - mom setting up high chair in kitchen

Say hello to hassle-free cleanup

It’s truly astonishing the amount of mess a baby or toddler can make during mealtime. It’s almost enough to make you consider getting a dog—if you don’t have one already. Between food-covered fingers and dirty dishes, you have enough to tidy. That’s why Mockingbird designed a high chair with easy, breezy clean-ups in mind.

Their unique mess-free straps (yep, the only ones on the market) are coated with food-safe silicone to easily wipe those straps clean and avoid many meals’ worth of gunk caked on. The straps and the one-hand removable tray liner are both dishwasher-safe so you can swiftly clean up before your little one has the change to sling another handful of spaghetti onto the floor.

And that’s not all! The easy-to-remove tray was specifically designed to catch food before it lands in your little one’s lap, and its minimal nooks and crannies mean less time spent on cleaning (something we can all appreciate!).

Mockingbird high chair review - cleaning high chair straps
Mockingbird high chair review - cleaning high chair straps

Customized comfort and support

Comfort and support are key at mealtimes, especially when your little one is beginning to explore solid foods, and that’s where Mockingbird’s High Chair truly shines: With a 4-position footrest and 3-position tray, ensuring that your child is safe and fully supported during this fun phase of their development. These adjustable features aren’t just about convenience; they provide a safe and ergonomic dining experience for your child, allowing them to focus on enjoying their food without any worries.

Grows with your child

So many core memories revolve around the dinner table, and the Mockingbird High Chair makes it possible for your child to have a seat at the family table for years to come. The easy-to-remove tray and unique frame design mean that you can bring your child right up to the table, and the chair can be partially tucked under away when not in use (they’ve truly thought of everything).

The adaptability of this chair is next level. Remember that tool-free conversion feature we talked about? Well, the Mockingbird High Chair seamlessly transforms into a Child Chair with a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds, meaning it can accommodate your child well beyond their infancy. This makes Mockingbird’s High Chair both a standard high chair and a regular dining chair that your toddler can sit in, meaning you’re getting the most bang for your buck with it lasting through multiple children for many years!

Mockingbird high chair review - grows with your child - child sitting at table in Mockingbird high chair
Mockingbird high chair review - grows with your child - child sitting at table in Mockingbird high chair

In a nutshell, the Mockingbird High Chair is the real MVP for your little one’s mealtime adventures. Its thoughtful design checks all the boxes—it’s chic, convenient, safe and adaptable. The stress-free cleanup features, adjustable support options, and ability to grow with your family are just some of the reasons why it’s the mealtime essential you’ll adore for years to come. If you’re looking for a high chair that offers style, practicality and long-term value, Mockingbird’s High Chair is the answer.