Proposed MLB season: explained

Yahoo Sports' Hannah Keyser breaks down the new MLB proposal in hopes to bring back baseball after the pandemic hiatus.

Video Transcript

HANNAH KEYSER: On Wednesday, Major League Baseball sent the MLB Players Association a new proposal following in-person talks in Arizona between commissioner Rob Manfred and union chief Tony Clark. Now, this is the fourth such proposal MLB has sent the union in an effort to get the 2020 season started. But it includes a pretty key development that might actually mean we're finally on the right track.

In addition to an expanded postseason for this year and next year, which is something that benefits both sides, this is the first proposal by the league that includes paying players their full pro-rated salaries. That's a day's pay for a day's work. Now, this has been the players' hardline stance the entire time. It's what they say they're entitled to under the March 26 agreement, and they've yet to budge off that.

We're probably not gonna get anywhere till the league agrees to it. So even though this particular proposal is only for 60 games, and that's probably not enough to get the players to sign off and get Opening Day on the schedule, it's pretty promising that they're finally speaking the same language.

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