A programmable transformer you can bring to life

Robots in disguise are real! T9 from Robosen transforms between a robot and a car with the press of a button or by voice command. The transforming robot allows users to perform tasks and maneuvers with the ability to program the T9. There are 3 levels of programmable abilities ranging from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. T9 is priced for $419 on Amazon.

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Trasncript: A transforming robot you can bring to life! The T9 from Robosen is an educational robot. That combines educational programming with the fun of playing with toys. There are 3 levels of programming ranging from beginner to advanced. You can drive T9 around with the help of an app, and with the press of a button T9 transforms from a vehicle into a robot. That’s ready to perform tasks and execute maneuvers. T9 is currently $419 on Amazon

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