Professor shares "script" to respond to sick students amid quarantine

An educator’s kindhearted email reply to a student exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus has struck a chord on Twitter.

Melissa Wong, an adjunct lecturer at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign’s School of Information Sciences, .

took to Twitter on April 9 to share her response

to the ailing young woman as a template,

in hopes that other teachers would use it.

"I am so sorry you are sick. Please

do not worry about missing the

due date. IT IS FINE".

"I am not worried and there will not be a late penalty. We can chat about the course when you are healthy again".

The lecturer took her reply a step further, asking the young woman if she had the means to get by on her own, and, if not, how Wong, herself, could help.

Many Twitter users thanked Wong for her compassion and humanity at a time when students are struggling to cope with an uncertain future.

"What a nice professor," one woman wrote. "Mine simply said no late points and assumed

I would be dropping out"

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