Professional Skier Breaks Down Of The Best Movie Segments Of The Year

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In case you haven't heard yet, professional skier Colby Steveson put out one of the best, well-rounded movie segments this year (or any year, for that matter) with Good Company's Crescendo.

To go a little deeper into the madness that was this part, Alex Hackel, another professional skier, provided some expert insight in a recent YouTube reaction video.

Tap in below.

Professional skiing at the highest level, even for people who, like myself, have been fans of the sport for decades, can be a bit hard to digest.

The spins, flips, and grabs tend to blur into an impenetrable morass. I, like you -- probably; maybe you're a professional skier, who knows -- can't understand the work that goes into being able to do nosebutter 1080s both directions because I wouldn't dream of attempting tricks like that. Thus, much of the intricacies of this upper echelon are lost on us average skiers.

We see the trick, think, "Dang, that was pretty cool," and move on to the next thing.

But Hackel, who's a pro himself, gets it, making his commentary invaluable in revealing just how impressive Stevenson's showing with Crescendo was this year.

That's not to mention the easier-to-digest big mountain skiing Stevenson tackled in his part. On their own, these lines are gobsmacking, only made more attention-grabbing when factoring in Stevenson's background: he's not a big mountain skier; he's a park skier. Or, at least, he was a park skier until this season.

And park skiers, for the most part, don't attack Alaskan lines with the ferocity of a big mountain vet. When they do, they rarely make it look as smooth as Stevenson did.

That's all to say that Stevenson's thoroughly established himself as one of the best all-around skiers out right now, excelling in whichever niche he chooses.

I might get an angry DM or two for writing this, but I'm going to go for it anyway -- don't be surprised if ten years from now, people are saying Colby Stevenson's name alongside Candide Thovex's. That's the impression Stevenson's segment from Crescendo gave me and probably the highest praise I can give.

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