Pro Snowboarder Trick Goes Wrong, Smashes Board into Filmer's Skull! (Watch)

Iñaki Odriozola and Garrett Warnick, two seasoned snowboarding enthusiasts, have joined forces to pioneer a unique genre of splitboarding content in "The Adventures of Inyo and Worm." Their collaboration promises an exciting blend of thrill and creativity, pushing the boundaries of snowboarding cinematography.

In a recent video release, Garrett Warnick attempted an astonishing 720-degree spin, attempting to capture the essence of extreme snowboarding. However, in a hair-raising moment, he veered off-axis and executed an unexpected 360-degree rotation straight into the path of the film crew's head. Miraculously, everyone emerged unscathed, but the incident serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks in extreme sports filmmaking.

"The Adventures of Inyo and Worm" is a testament to the lengths these adrenaline junkies go to capture breathtaking footage up close. It showcases the intense passion that drives them to capture the heart-pounding action and exhilaration of splitboarding while emphasizing that sometimes, holding a GoPro close to your subject can be just as intense as the daring tricks being performed. This thrilling duo is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats as they continue to push the envelope in the world of snowboarding content creation.

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