Pro Skier Triggers Bone-Chilling Avalanche During Big Mountain Descent

Pro skier Christophe "Tof" Henry looks differently at the mountains. Where others hop turn during committing descents, Tof turns the speed dial to 11, laying down enormous racer-style carves, an approach that's firmly established the French skier in the upper pantheon of freeskiing innovators.

His latest upload features a heavy descent off Aiguille Du Midi, a summit in the Mont-Blanc Massif. And, yes, as you probably guessed from the title, this one involves an avalanche.

If this were uploaded by anyone else, I wouldn't admonish you for grabbing a pitchfork and preparing to question the decision-making process of the skier involved.

Generally, triggering an avalanche while skiing indicates the presence of poor choices. Uploading videos of these dangerous exploits online only makes matters worse, suggesting to lesser-educated backcountry skiers that slides aren't a big deal.

However, Tof isn't some jabroni banging around in the backcountry without a care in the world. Yes, he's a risk-taker. But he's a calculated risk-taker who's built his skiing and mountaineering skillset through years spent in Chamonix, France.

Still, it's important to remember that clips like these involve terrain and situations best reserved for the pros. Just because Tof flirted with getting caught in an avalanche doesn't mean you or I should behave similarly in the backcountry.

And while this might sound obvious or preachy, the exploits of Tof Henry and other pros are best viewed as entertainment rather than educational material. Pro skiers are truly a different breed, running an entirely different risk calculus than even the most knowledgeable backcountry amateurs.

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