Pro Skier Reflects On World's First 24-Story Ski Jump Done Switch

Pro freeskier, 8-time X Games medalist, and 3-time Real Ski Champion Sammy Carlson posted a throwback yesterday to Instagram of his iconic session partnering up with Teton Gravity Research to deliver "another world’s first in the #SammyCMemories series" (The Sammy C Project).

As the documentation of the "end of an era," Carlson admits the 24-story-ski-jump was session was "meant to be my last big session as a park skier."

"I imagined I could go as big as I wanted off this jump, but once I showed up the SPEED WAS SO INTENSE that as I came off the lip the wind resistance felt similar to sticking your hand out the window at 60 mph."

"In the slo-mo, you can see I wasn’t focused on grabbing but making sure to keep my tips and tails up as I spun, so the wind wouldn’t grab my tips and rip me off axis. I’ll post some of the other jumps and the crash soon!"

Watch Sammy's (still) jaw dropping session below. 

Sammy Carlson established himself as the first skier to hit a “ski-flying” long jump with freestyle intent.

This wasn't just iconic because of the sheer size of the jump, or because Carlson not only spun himself from the lip of a jump designed to send skiers upwards of 500 feet, but began several of many descents into the jump switch.

The ski jump, known as Copper Peak, was built in 1970, and is the largest ski jump in the Western Hemisphere.

The ramp itself claims 364-feet of vertical drop and a 35-degree in-run, providing for jumps with distance records stretching over 500 feet.

“When we showed up it was a ghost ramp. It not been hit in twenty years,” declares Carlson. “The people helping me from the community where just as committed as I was to hitting the ramp. It was true team effort.”

Sammy was the first skier to execute a switch triple rodeo 1260 in July 2010 at Mount Hood, so although this seems crazy, it's not... out of line for him.

Sammy was the ever-humble star in his Instagram caption yesterday, thanking Todd Jones and TGR, "as well as everyone involved with making this wild session happen."

Wild indeed.

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