Pro Shows Off E-bikes Battery Power In New Video

Transition Bikes

When electric mountain bikes first came out, there was a bias that they were too heavy and impossible to maneuver.

That has been sorely put to bed. Watch Matt Bolton shred Squamish on his Transition Relay below.

The Transition Relay is an interesting bike. Unlike most e-bikes, the battery is removable which makes it lighter. They market it as two bikes in one. Multiple times throughout this video, Bolton can be seen installing and removing his battery.

Earlier this year, the crew from Transition went to the Fazua headquarters to see the company behind the relay’s light motor. See their trip below.

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Matt Bolton is an incredibly playful rider and the heavier bike does not slow him down. He can be seen carving through Squamish corners with ease.

At the end of the video, Bolton can be seen riding some rock slabs above Squamish. Even though he’s on an e-bike, those slabs are very doable.

A sharp eye can see that the final slab in the video is familiar. It was there that Matt had a scary moment. Read about his pedal tumbling down the rock below.

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Thankfully no Boltons were harmed in the making of this video.

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