Pro Shows How Big You Can Go On An E-Bike

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These days you can't go far without running into E-Bikes and it isn't just us regular folks who are utilizing them, pros seem to be spending more and more time on their eebs.

Take a look at Spanish sender Carlos Langelaan demonstrating just how capable those bikes are in the video below.

There has been a discourse of sorts going on online recently in which loads of fans seem to think pros are only riding E-bikes to endorse them for their sponsors, but almost every one has come out to say that no, in fact, they just love riding them.

Santa Cruz Syndicate rider Laurie Greenland says he likes his because it's what gets him out on the worst days of winter and if anything can do that, then he is a fan.

Others, like Trek Factory Racing's Reece Wilson, say it was instrumental in their recovery processes. No matter how you slice it, there is a place for them somewhere in the landscape of modern mountain biking.

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