Pro Rider Tries Out The "Biggest" Bike Ever

Blake Samson

A little over a decade ago, 29” wheels were released. Internet comment sections were baffled, to say the least. How could they possibly be expected to ride wheels that big?

Recently, however, there have been advancements in the mountain bike world that make 29ers look like BMX wheels.

36” wheels are coming to mountain biking. See British Pro Blake Samson’s 36er experiment below.

Though 36” wheels are generally limited on a consumer scale to custom bikes for very tall riders, more and more companies are testing out prototypes of larger wheels on the trails. After all, if we as an industry could make the jump to 29” who’s to say we can’t go bigger?

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A couple of years ago, Trek announced that they were experimenting with bigger wheel sizes, mainly 32” and 36”. They have said that the larger wheels will only be on shorter travel and hardtail bikes.

I do hope that these big wheels come to market. Even if they do not come on the enduro bikes I find myself riding, It would be very cool to ride a different-sized wheel.

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