Pro Rider Stresses The Importance Of Braking To Go Fast

Instagram / Yoann Barrelli

It may seem counterintuitive to think about braking more as a way to go faster, especially when every meathead park rat has been quoted saying, "Ahh yeah, just don't touch your brakes."

However, contrary to what park rats may lead you to believe, braking is a pivotal part of going fast. In fact, it may even be the most important part of the equation.

Want to find out why? Watch Yoann Barrelli explain below.

The trick to braking to go faster is knowing when, where, and how to use your brakes effectively to keep speed. Everyone by now should know that you don't want to grab a handful of brake in a corner, not just for the sake of preventing braking bumps, but also for maintaining momentum.

The core tenet behind braking theory when it comes to going fast is: Brake less and brake later. While a lot of that can come down to the type of brakes you have, that isn't everything.

The gist of it is if you can learn to keep your body position central on the bike in order to get the maximum power and traction from your front brake and wheel, you can brake with more force over less distance.

What that translates to is not having to rip off a fat skid coming into a corner or tech section that requires more moderated speed. Therefore, you enter the section more composed and in control.

While that isn't everything, it is a good start for riders looking to improve their braking fundamentals.

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