Pro Rider Invents 'New' Way To Descend Challenging Terrain


There is no shortage of bizarre tricks coming out of the BMX to mountain biking enclave, but Kriss Kyle's alternative drop techniques may take the cake for the strangest.

Take a look at his redefinition of "Yeah, it's definitely rollable" in the video below.

Kriss Kyle has been near the head of the train of making mountain biking fun again. The sport has always had a penchant for taking itself a little too seriously, from racing and freeride to XC, it has a bit of a "Hardo" problem.

To be fair, it is hard not to breed a culture of Hardo-ness considering the sport is effectively built around fitness and pricey gear. Also, the main professional outlet being a human-powered equivalent to F1 doesn't exactly breed a casual culture.

Although he hails from a BMX background, Kyle brings a spiritual embodiment of the kind of ski and snowboard culture that mountain biking has been desperately needing.

His easy, casual, tricky style is a welcome addition to the sport.

And don't get me wrong, I love racing, I love the dorky tech, the fitness, the gear, I love everything about biking. It's just nice to see the sport having more fun sometimes is all.

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