Pro Organizer Explains How Simple Changes Balance Her Work and Family Life

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Today, we're bringing insider tips from professional organizer Katie Engelsen on how simple lifestyle changes can help create a better work-family balance. Katie has mastered the art of juggling her career and family, and she's here to share her top three ways to relax more and stress less. Grab a cup of tea, and let's dive in!

Katie admits that she initially struggled with trusting her husband and kids to handle household tasks - and she's not alone. Too often, we try to control everything, ultimately sending the unhelpful message that our loved ones aren't up to the task. But guess what? They are!

When Katie let go of control, her family life improved. Now, her husband packs for vacations, the kids lend a hand with making dinner, and everyone pitches in with laundry. Sure, sometimes things don't go perfectly (hello, mismatched forks and overcooked pasta!), but involving the whole family creates a sense of unity and takes the pressure off one person to do it all.

This one's a game-changer: Katie decided to get rid of anything that her family didn't need, use, or love. By minimizing clutter, picking up and organizing became a breeze. It also made it far less overwhelming for the kids to contribute to evening tidying. Plus, even with fewer toys, Katie's kids still found endless entertainment and fun.

Like many of us, Katie believes that real homes don't need to look straight from a magazine cover 24/7. Instead, focus on practicality: everything should have a designated place when it's time to clean up.

Katie's family practices a nightly "tornado," where everyone works together to return items to their proper homes. This leaves her evenings free to kick back, relax, and recharge for another day of exciting family adventures.

Katie Engelsen's approach to balancing work and family life may seem simple, but offers powerful results. Try these strategies in your own home and experience the joys of a well-organized, harmonious life.

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