Pro Furniture Flipper Explains How She Makes the Most Money Selling Her Pieces


As DIY enthusiasts, we get a kind of thrill hunting for diamonds in the rough at garage sales, thrift stores, or even in our own basements. Showing others how to restore or repurpose those finds and make a profit creatively? Now, that's a mission we can all get behind. Today, we're excited to introduce you to a woman who has turned this hobby into a lucrative career, the woman they call the "Furniture Doctor," Anne “Lilly” Skjoldahl.

A few years ago, Anne was like many of us, helping a friend spruce up an old dresser and thoroughly enjoying the process. Fast forward to today, she's transformed this passion into a career and gained a well-earned nickname—"The Furniture Doctor."

As the Furniture Doctor, she scouts hidden gems at local thrift stores, flea markets, and estate sales. She finds dilapidated pieces that most wouldn't consider salvageable. With a keen eye for quality and potential and a toolbox complete of skills, Anne transforms these pieces into unique, desirable home furnishings. Then, she sells them for a profit.

But how you might ask, does she ensure she is making the most money from her revitalized pieces?

The secret, Anne tells us, isn't just about finding the right furniture. It's also about understanding the market and pricing your items right.

"Before securing an item, do some research," she suggests.

Anne examines what similar items sell online, considering the location and market demand. This strategy allows her to anticipate potential profit margins and decide whether a piece is worth the time and materials needed to be rejuvenated.

Now, for all the color enthusiasts and brush-wielding Picassos among us, don't fear; we're not knocking the transformative power of paint. Honestly, there's a serious skill found in those who can smoothly apply a coat of paint, capturing the character of a piece in a refreshing light. Not many can do it well—it's surprisingly challenging!

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However, here's an insider nugget for you: from extensive experience in furniture flipping, she can tell you wood grain sells—sells like hotcakes, and for more dough, too!

Why, you ask? Well, the answer lies in the natural beauty and timeless elegance of wood. It warms up any space, acting as the character-filled canvas of your decor story.

And there's an additional bonus to this wood grain proposition: it's more cost-effective. No, opting for preserving the wood with an oil finish often becomes less expensive in terms of materials than painting. This approach inevitably feathers your nest by boosting those all-important profit margins.

For Anne, the "Furniture Doctor," the end result is always worth the time and effort. A well-chosen, lovingly restored piece can be a rewarding project and a profitable venture. As DIY enthusiasts and novices, we can gain invaluable insights from Anne's journey and tips, learning how to source, restore, and sell our own unique finds!

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