A Pro Cyclist Tried to Ride a Budget Bike as Fast as Possible

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Photo credit: Compassionate Eye Foundation/David Oxberry - Getty Images
Photo credit: Compassionate Eye Foundation/David Oxberry - Getty Images

In ideal racing conditions, with the best possible equipment, competitive cyclists can reach impressive speeds—but what about on a budget bike that weighs nearly 40 pounds? In a new YouTube challenge video, Hank and Connor from the Global Cycling Network test the top land speed for a $300 Eurobike on a closed circuit in Wales.

On his first try, Hank reaches 28 miles per hour. "It does weigh an absolute ton," he says. "But I think we can raise the bar a little bit."

For the second attempt, Hank hits the limits of the bike's gears, but is thrilled to hear that he made it over the 30 barrier, with a max speed of 31 miles per hour. "I'd love to get to 35 miles per hour," he says.

Connor notes, however, that Hank expends a lot of time and energy just cycling around the track while getting up to that speed, and so for the third and final attempt, they come up with a pretty creative solution (which should not be tried at home): Hank hangs onto the bumper of a car while Connor drives, and then lets go and pedals like hell, reaching a max speed of 41 miles per hour.

"That was near death," says Hank, remarking that a Eurobike can feel "flimsy" when riding at high speeds, and that he didn't have the utmost confidence in its gears or brakes. "Nevertheless, I still felt stable enough, I just wouldn't want to go faster than 41 miles per hour."

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