Pro Blows Minds With Incredible Bike Control On Steep Line


Descending techy alpine corners is never easy because generally those lines are just reappropriated hiking trails with very sharp switchbacks. Getting down those steep corners cleanly does not seem to be an issue for, Stefan Eberharter, though.

He shows that all it takes is world-class bike control and you too could be floating down those idyllic alpine tech lines.

Take a look at his very alternative method for descending steep switchbacks below.

The bike control that Stefan exhibits here is wild, to be able to balance your weight like that all on the front wheel for that sustained of a maneuver is really incredible.

For some reference, just try doing a stoppie in your yard. Next, try and hold that stoppie for a second or two. Then try and swing your rear wheel around while balancing on the front wheel.

It's not as easy as Stefan makes it look, that is for sure. That being said, don't be dissuaded! Keep practicing that front wheel balance because even if you aren't pulling off maneuvers like the one above, it is still incredibly beneficial for tech riding and low speed balance to have the ability to move and adjust minorly with your rear wheel in the air and not feel like you're going to fall off the front of your bike.

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