What Is The PRO Act? And Why Does It Matter for Families?

Cameron LeBlanc
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address to a joint session of Congressworker empowermentgiving workers more power

Here’s What the PRO Act Would Actually Do

summarybroadening the scope of individuals covered by existing fair labor standardsallowing unions to encourage their members to support secondary strikesend so-called right-to-work lawsprotect workers who participate in strikes from retaliation by their employeesprohibits employers from holding captive audience meetingsnot be allowed to retaliate against employees who blow the whistlemodernizing the procedures for union representation elections

What the PRO Act Would Mean

a shift in power away from capital and toward laborespeciallythe PRO Act would make it easier for employees to form unions and collectively bargain

Why Are Unions Good for Families?

Union workers earn higher wages,studyAmerican Journal of Public Health

Will the PRO Act pass?

The House has already voted on it during this Congress, but in the Senate, it only has the support of 47 senatorsmassive ad buysten Republicans would have to break ranks and support the bill to defeat a filibustertry to pass parts of the PRO Act through budget reconciliationeliminate the filibuster and pass the legislation with a simple majority

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