Priyanka Chopra's Cinderella Blue Giant Bow Gown and Pink Cutout Dress Are Dreamy Date Fashion

Priyanka Chopra dressed like the main character for her night promoting her upcoming film Love Again in New York City. She attended the premiere then had dinner with her husband Nick Jonas, wearing two pastel statement looks.

Chopra started with her most romantic, fairytale-like dress of the year. For the red carpet, she posed in a Cinderella blue Nina Ricci mermaid gown with an enormous bow on the back. She accessorized with Bulgari jewelry. The bow was so big, Jonas couldn't pose too close next to her.

<span class="photo-credit">Manny Carabel - Getty Images</span>
Manny Carabel - Getty Images
<span class="photo-credit">Manny Carabel - Getty Images</span>
Manny Carabel - Getty Images
<span class="photo-credit">Theo Wargo - Getty Images</span>
Theo Wargo - Getty Images

Chopra shared more photos of the dress on her Instagram, showing off the bow in its full glory against the uptown skyline and Central Park. You can see the pictures on her Instagram here.

After the red carpet, Chopra brought out a second dress to continue her night with Jonas—one without any giant embellishments. The actress changed into a pink Sportmax cutout dress with a high leg slit. She paired it with pink Jimmy Choo heels for another feminine, dainty look. Accessories included a pink heart Judith Leiber bag, a fitting touch for an actress promoting a rom-com.

Chopra and Jonas were photographed holding hands while she wore the look en route to Sona Restaurant.

celebrity sightings in new york city may 03, 2023
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Chopra spoke to ELLE recently about how she and Jonas split their domestic work. “We just feel a sense of contribution when it comes to the not-fun stuff,” she said. “I don’t remember having a conversation where I’m like, ‘I need you to do more of this.’ We both have careers that are important to us, so we split our time in a way where one of us is able to do the house things or be with the baby [their one-year-old daughter Malti].”

Acts of service are her top love language in any relationship, especially with Jonas. She said: “When you really care about someone, you try to alleviate whatever pressure is on them by doing some of the chores or by taking on something that they always do. It’s simple things: I love coffee in bed, and my husband realized that, and now I always have coffee in bed. That support is tremendously important, but it’s a two-way street. You have to be able to give that love and support to the people that also give you that kind of support. If you see your partner doing something every day that seems boring for them, just surprise them by doing it. It’s the sweetest thing in a marriage.”

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