Priyanka Chopra found a sophisticated twist on the beloved egg chair – and we want one for ourselves

 Priyanka Chopra
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You don't have to be an outdoor furniture expert to recognize the iconic egg chair – the furnishing that has dominated outdoor living trends in recent summers.

The play on the Henrik Thor-Larsen-designed Ovalia Egg Chair (originating in 1968) brought this laid-back, almost-retro oval staple outdoors – and of course, we all (continue to) love it. However, like all great trends (and all the best outdoor furniture) – the egg chair was subject to evolution. And we've just found the newest, chicest egg chair alternative – on Priyanka Chopra's terrace.

The actress, known for Citadel, Love Again, and Quantico, lives in Los Angeles with singer-husband Nick Jonas – and with their city home comes the inevitable views of the skyline. However, the outdoor furnishing in question caught our eyes before we got a chance to admire the landscape.

At a glance, we, too, admit that the furnishing strongly resembles a traditional egg chair. With its wicker exterior and sweeping arched roof, the piece is certainly not dissimilar from those that have topped garden trends in recent years.

However, unlike the chair that most of us have come to love, Priyanka's furnishing comes in a slightly more square-like shape and sits four legs (instead of its popular hanging counterpart). The actress's chair exhibits a light gray cushion and pillows – a color that sits effortlessly against her cream and gray pool area.

Priyanka Chopra's chair is a sure sign that the egg shape will continue to make a statement on terraces and patios alike (even if we can't all have a view of Los Angeles to accompany our experience). But what makes this chair so enduring? New York-based designer Artem Kropovinsky suggests it's down to three factors: its support, versatility, and celebrity-approved good looks.

'The ongoing popularity of the egg chair can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, it is supremely comfortable. Its curved shape naturally embraces the body, offering support exactly where needed. Secondly, the egg chair offers great versatility. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage – it can be decorated in numerous styles. Lastly, the egg chair exudes sheer style. Its timeless design ensures it remains fashionable.'

If you're looking for a Priyanka-approved alternative (below) is a natural starting point. However, whatever style you choose, the designer's rules remain the same.

Origin 21 Brennfield Egg Chair | Available at Lowe's

This piece follows the same shape, structure, and coloring as the piece seen by Priyanka Chopra's poolside. It does not follow the hanging, airy design of a conventional egg chair but instead sits on legs – in a twist that brings the piece firmly into 2023.  View Deal

Artem recommends selecting a shaded area for your egg chair – given that it's made of fabric – and should therefore be kept out of direct sunlight.

And, when it comes to styling your piece, designer Shanade McAllister-Fisher says we should embrace the juxtaposition of contemporary design against the organic beauty of nature in our backyard – and pair with 'clean lines and minimalistic accents.' This will create 'a sleek and sophisticated atmosphere that creates a striking contrast against softer foliage.

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

'Opt for monochromatic cushions in neutral tones for a chic and timeless look, or dare to make a bold statement with vibrant patterns that reflect your vibrant personality and bring an extra pop of color and modernity to your patio or decking,' Shanade recommends.

Though we conclude that in the case of this Priyanka-inspired egg chair, we really can do no wrong.