Private celebrity chef spends over $3,000 to 'restock' client's pantry: 'This could unironically pay my rent'

A private chef had TikTokers clutching their pearls over how much a client spent on groceries.

Chef Bae is a celebrity private chef in Los Angeles. So you can guess she works with some pretty affluent people. In a short video, she shared how much it cost for one of her clients to restock their pantry with items from Erewhon Market. The supermarket is an upscale and pricey organic grocery store that’s a staple for LA’s elite.

The chef claimed it cost $3,515 to restock the client’s pantry at the expensive shop.

“BUT this included the last-minute granola & sea moss gel adds, so it’s a #bargain (this is also my application to #extremecouponer),” she joked in the caption.

People couldn’t believe the disparity between her client’s reality and theirs. The video racked up 5 million views.

“I don’t even make that much money in a month and this is their casual pantry restock??? bruh,” a user wrote.

“It better have been made by the hands of the lord for that price cuz what?” another said.

“This could unironically pay my rent for 7 months,” a TikToker replied.

“I live in overdraft and it’s just funny to think money looks like this for some,” someone commented.

“I bought a small container of kale chips from here and it cost me $14,” a person wrote with two crying emojis.

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