Pringles Unleashes New Everything Bagel Flavor

Everything bagel-lovers, prepare to kick the toaster to the curb (at least for a moment)! You now have a new snack to look forward to indulging in, and it harnesses the flavor of your favorite breakfast bread item.

Pringles just dropped its beloved potato crisps in Everything Bagel flavor, bringing a mess-free burst of the combined flavors of an Everything bagel—toppings and all—to one easy-to-pick-up potato chip.

"With flavor notes of sesame and poppy seeds followed by hints of cream cheese that perfectly blend with toasted onion and garlic, snackers and bagel aficionados alike can enjoy a morning bagel in crisp form anytime and anywhere," the official announcement promises.

<p>Photo Courtesy of Pringles</p>

Photo Courtesy of Pringles

The debut is a limited-edition release, adding to the brand's expansive lineup of current flavors, such as its beloved Sour Cream & Onion, BBQ, Ranch, Cheddar Cheese, and more.

"From Pringles Philly Cheesesteak to Pringles Enchilada Adobada — fans have long enjoyed our endlessly creative flavor innovations," Mauricio Jenkins, US marketing lead for Pringles, said in a statement. "New Pringles Everything Bagel perfectly captures the nation's favorite bagel flavor for a seamless snacking experience, no cream cheese schmear or deli trip necessary."

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Though it is unclear how long the savory delectable will be available, or what specific retail locations it will pop up at, fans looking to try it for themselves are encouraged to check out to find the flavor at a nearby store.

In other new additions, curious tastebuds can also try Pringles French Fries & Ketchup, Philly Cheesesteak, Enchilada Adobada, and Hot Honey varieties.

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