All of Princess Diana’s Iconic Looks in Season 5 of The Crown

It's been two years since we watched newcomer Emma Corrin bring a young Lady Diana Spencer to life on The Crown, and now that season five has arrived, we get to see how the character's style and shy personality has blossomed with the arrival of Elizabeth Debecki as a slightly older and wiser Princess Diana.

“It’s so exciting getting a fresh new person,” Amy Roberts, costume designer on The Crown, says on a recent video conference with Glamour. “It’s brilliant that there are these clear changes in their lives. I find that so thrilling, what they bring, and what we bring together.”

That partnership—which also includes Sidonie Roberts as associate costume designer and head buyer, and Cate Hall as hair and makeup designer—shines as brightly as the crown jewels. From casual jumpers (who doesn't remember that Virgin Atlantic or Harvard sweatshirt?) to the much-discussed “revenge dress,” there are hundreds of looks in this 10-episode season that will take you down memory lane.

But while it wasn't too hard to track down some of the original ensembles, the costume designers also wanted to put their own spin on several looks. “We sourced quite a lot,” Amy Roberts says. “We’ve come into a period where [these looks are] completely accessible, but for the public moments we made about 90% of the costumes.”

The result is several looks that are nearly identical in style and others that Princess Diana might have worn in private, but we'll never know for sure. Here, eight looks side by side featuring both women, and the stories behind them.