Prince William and Kate Middleton Have an Inner Circle of Courtiers Who Know All Their Secrets

Prince William and Kate Middleton Have an Inner Circle of Courtiers Who Know All Their Secrets

Ever wonder who is responsible for all of Prince William's many speeches, makes sure everything Kate Middleton wears adheres to royal protocol, and organizes the couple's busy calendar? That would be their fleet of aides and courtiers, who manage everything from the Wales' schedule to their outfits.

Despite not being King and Queen juuuuust yet, Kate and William have a huge staff thanks to their position as senior working royals—though unlike King Charles, their aides are not "men in gray" (the nickname given to the power players pulling the strings at The Firm). Instead, William and Kate have adopted a more laid-back attitude with their employees—especially when it comes to dress code. A household staff member revealed as much to royal author Valentine Low, saying Prince William wants the atmosphere at work to be "casual" since "the kids run around the office."

Sounds like a vibe! So who exactly are the folks working for Wills and Kate? Time to meet them, starting with....

Hannah Cockburn-Logie

Hannah is Kate Middleton's private secretary and started her fancy position in 2020—though she's been working with the Wales fam for years before that. As private secretary, Hannah is essentially responsible for organizing pretty much every single aspect of Kate's life, not to mention her entire extended staff. But she definitely has the experience for such a major job! Before joining the royal family, Hannah worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) and a MVO (Royal Victorian Order).

Natalie Barrows

the duke and duchess of cambridge visit leicester
Max Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images

Natalie is Kate's assistant private secretary and works under Hannah. Her job involves organizing Kate's schedule, accompanying her to events, and briefing her on the many important/fancy people she meets in a day. You can often spot Natalie in the background of photos helping Kate out—like with flowers from fans in the photo above!

David Watkins

Davis is the head of William and Kate's social media—but he actually worked for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry before they shuttered their Sussex Instagram and stepped away from senior royal duties. The Sussexes' account was hugely popular, so it's easy to see why Kate and William snapped David up. Sadly this dude is extremely behind the scenes, so here's a post from William and Kate's Insta instead, lol:

Jean-Christophe Gray

Another member of the royal entourage who has managed to avoid photographers? Jean-Christophe, aka William's private secretary. But it's safe to assume he's busy being good at his job behind-the-scenes, especially considering his impressive resume: turns out Jean-Christophe used to be Prime Minister David Cameron's official spokesperson. He also worked in the Government's Treasury department, so maybe he can help William count all his new money in the Duchy of Cornwall?

Maria Borrallo

the christening of princess charlotte of cambridge
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Maria Borrallo is the royal nanny! She was trained at the prestigious Norland School for nannies and has taken care of William and Kate's children since they were babies. Nanny Maria is said to make over $100,000 a year for all her hard work, and a source told People that she "loves the children dearly” and "can be firm and strict, but she is very loving and soft with them too.”

Amanda Cook Tucker

the duke and duchess of cambridge visit india and bhutan day 3
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Meet the person responsible for Kate's legendary hair. Amanda has been working with the princess since at least 2012 and was one of the first people to meet Prince George thanks to styling Kate's hair for her post-birth appearance at the Lindo Wing. You remember the moment:

the duke and duchess of cambridge leave the lindo wing with their newborn son
Ferdaus Shamim - Getty Images

Natasha Archer

royal visit to australia and nz day 1
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Last but not least, Natasha Archer is Kate's stylist—and she's been working alongside her for years now. Natasha is responsible for some of Kate's most iconic looks, including that polka dot dress ^ from Prince George's debut. Also, fun fact: Natasha is married to royal photographer Chris Jackson, and the couple is said to be close couple friends with William and Kate.

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