Prince William Is Already Filthy Rich and He’s About to Be Filthier Richer

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Photo credit: Richard Stonehouse - Giphy
Photo credit: Richard Stonehouse - Giphy

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Due to the fact that he’s quite literally royalty, Prince William is rich. Like, “I live in a casual castle and my grandma owns a scepter” rich. Not only does William have more money than Prince Harry for reasons that would cause any family to feud, but he’s about to get even richer too. Here’s a breakdown of how his royal finances work since ~inquiring minds want to know~.

He Has a Trust Fund From His Great-Grandmother

Things I got from my great-grandmother: a dusting of upper-lip hair (thanks!) and an obsession with cheese. Things Prince Harry got from his great-grandmother: a buncha money.

Harry’s great-grandma was Queen Elizabeth’s mom, and in 1994, she went ahead and placed two-thirds of her money (an estimated £19 million) into a trust fund for her great-grandchildren. The Guardian reports that Harry and William split about £6 million of this trust at age 21—but it wasn’t a 50/50 split, because the queen mother wanted to compensate Harry “for not becoming sovereign.” Lol.

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Photo credit: Giphy

William and Harry get to split another £8M of that trust fund when they turn 40—and if you’re wondering who the remaining £6 million is going to, that’d be Harry and William’s cousins who are farther down the line of succession.

Princess Diana Left Him a Pretty Huge Inheritance

Princess Diana tragically died when she was just 36, and according to Forbes, she left Prince William (and Prince Harry) $10 million after taxes. Wills started receiving annual dividends of $450,000 a year at 25, which are his to do with what he wants. He’s certainly not using it to pay for his royal lifestyle, though, because that’s more than covered.

He Gets Perks From Being a Working Royal

William is what we call a “working royal,” meaning his full-time job is going to charitable events and shaking a lotta hands. As such, he and Kate get a LOT of their expenses (including travel) paid for by Sovereign Grant, which is taxpayer money meant to cover the royal fam’s official duties. Huh. Must be nice.

He’s Going to Inherit the Duchy of Cornwall

In case your mind isn’t sufficiently blown by how rich the royals are, allow me to introduce the Duchy of Cornwall. This is a private “portfolio of property and financial investments” owned by Prince Charles and used to fund a *lot* of the royal fam’s fancy lives. Like, get this: The BBC reports that 95 percent of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s income when they were working royals came from the Duchy, which earned £21.6 million total last year.

Once Charles becomes king, William will become the Duke of Cornwall and inherit the Duchy. Bonus: It’s pretty much up to him how to spend it.

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

And Eventually, He’ll Inherit the Queen’s Money

William is in line to become the next monarch (right after Prince Charles), which means eventually, ~everything the light touches~ will be his. And according to Forbes, that includes $10 billion worth of real estate, the Royal Art Collection, a buncha swans, and an annual government stipend of $12.9 million. There’s also the Queen’s personal net worth of $500 million (aka money that’s not tied to the crown), which includes property, stud farms, jewelry, and a fancy stamp collection. She can presumably do whatever she wants with that, so it won’t necessarily go from Charles to William.

*camera awkwardly cuts to Prince Harry*

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

So, What’s His Net Worth?

Prince William is currently worth around $40 million, but again—that amount is going to shoot up as soon as he (a) inherits the Duchy and (b) inherits the throne. Meanwhile, I’ll be here inheriting my mother’s fine lines and wrinkles, it’s fine.

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